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What is Ladies Night in Dubai?: 

Ladies Night is unique to this region and is a Dubai expat tradition, it’s when bars, restaurants and night clubs open their doors to invite ladies in for free drinks. From unlimited sparkling to limited free cocktails, it’s a great (and economical) way to meet up with friends after work or to have a fun Girlie night out.

Are guys allowed?: 

Of course. Just make sure they bring their wallets. Freebies are for ladies only!

Are Ladies Nights just on a Tuesday?: 

No, they used to be, but now are held somewhere every night of the week.

What, Free Drinks every night of the week?:

Yes, if you’re at a legal drinking age and are female, from Sunday to Saturday someone, somewhere is enjoying a ladies night freebie.

Is there any charge?

No, not usually, and all ladies nights listed on are free entry.

Are numbers restricted?:  

Depends, as with all venues they will adopt a strict door policy and if the bar or club is too busy entry will be limited. However it’s ladies night, so usually not a problem for the girls.

Do we need to dress up?:

Depends where you’re going, gives you an idea of the style of bar and dress code. For instance not a great idea to go to Embassy in beach wear or Barasti in evening gown.

It can’t all be free?:

Depends, some venues will provide ladies with sparkling or cocktails all night, others just 2 or 3 drinks, you can see the offers on each venue on

What’s the catch?

None, attracting ladies does seem to draw a bigger male crowd paying full price!

What’s on tonight?:

Go to: (link to Tonights Ladies Nights)